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Virtual Summer Volunteering Opportunities with the FIMRC

Did COVID-19 impact your summer plans? Are you looking for new summer opportunities?

Look no further!

The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) is excited to announce our new virtual volunteer opportunities that allow you to stay local and think global! FIMRC has partnered with HOSA and was a symposium speaker at the 2019 California HOSA State Leadership Conference and the 2020 Colorado HOSA State Leadership Conference. We are thrilled to offer all HOSA Chapters new virtual healthcare immersion opportunities.

Virtual Global Health Leadership Training: a 4-week certificate program tailored to high school students with each week focusing on a different career within global health or the healthcare field. Students will navigate through articles and videos about current global health challenges, live virtual sessions with FIMRC staff and field members, and site overviews of FIMRC project sites to gain a deeper understanding of global health, challenges faced, and how to develop sustainable programs to address community needs.

Virtual Global Health Volunteer Experience: Our most flexible virtual program that allows you to pick your dates and length of a program that focuses on one FIMRC project site. This virtual experience will teach global health issues from the perspective of on-site operations. It will give students an overview of the work FIMRC does as well as allow students to make a meaningful impact through a short-term project.

Virtual Global Health Fellowship: Our Virtual Global Health Fellowship is a 4-week or 8-week intensive program for graduating high school students, undergrad and graduate students that will include learning and applying clinical skills, medical case studies, journal article reviews, discussion boards, training modules with medical professionals, as well as project development and implementation. This virtual experience will connect students to the sites where we work, allowing them to make a meaningful contribution to site operations from home. Participants will learn about global health programming first-hand from our site staff and other experts..

All 3 programs provide HOSA members the opportunity to continue gaining valuable healthcare experience, learn about international medicine, as well as be virtually immersed in a different culture. From fast facts to virtual excursions, our goal is to provide a well rounded opportunity for all!

Reach out to Jessica Southern at partnerships@fimrc.org for more information and details!

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