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Make Holiday Cards for Detained Immigrants

Looking for a holiday service project that can be done from your own home? Check out this amazing program, organized by Case de Paz.

Come one, come all, to ring in the holiday season by creating cards for immigrants locked in ICE detention centers. Let's remind them they are in our hearts during this season of love, hope, and peace.

This is the fifth year that Casa de Paz will be delivering holiday cards and candy bars for each immigrant locked in Colorado’s detention center. Every year they hear deep appreciation from the folks who receive their gifts. These cards and candy bars matter and it’s a small act of kindness that we can all be part of, and you can make these cards from the comfort of your own home!

Please find the instructions here. Casa de Paz is pairing each card with a candy bar. Since the candy can only be purchased through the detention center, Casa de Paz will buy the actual candy. If you would like to support this effort, donations for the candy bars can be made here.

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