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HOSA Heroes- The Right Place and the Right Time

Two Alabama HOSA members, Cayman Smith and James Roundtree who attend Sparkman High School were at the right place at the right time and became HOSA Heros!

The two has just finished their competitive event and stepped out of the hotel when they saw a truck speeding towards them.

“You can hear this engine revving up the road. We look over and someone is screaming ‘watch out!" Smith said. (Joseph, 2019)

“We were two feet away from just being thrown.” A short distance away from the students the truck ran into a wall. (Joseph, 2019)

Among the first responders on the scene, the students provided the emergency responders who arrived with the materials they had for their event. “I could probably only pull the door open five inches before I had to push it open with my shoulder. I was like sir are you okay? And by that time he was still seizing up,” Smith said. (Joseph, 2019)

“Everybody had on our gloves, she was using our splint. It was just really cool to see our training and our supplies be of use,” Smith said. (Joseph, 2019)

Once the scene was secure and the victims were in good hands Smith and Roundtree returned to the conference.

At the awards ceremony the two were unsure of their event placement. “We’re getting up on stage and we’re like hey congrats guys you’re probably going to win,” Smith said.

They took home first place gold but they also know that their award meant so much more.

“We won, we’re excited for the future, but being able to help, just being there and knowing what to do, and being confident knowing we could help, is the biggest takeaway for sure." (Joseph, 2019)

Caymen and James will both be attending Auburn’s nursing school in the fall but not before they represent Alabama at this year's ILC. The duo is likely to give our own Colorado representatives a run for their money.

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