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Be The Match Challenge- A Letter to HOSA from Be The Match

YOU could save someone's life by being someone's ONLY match--

but you'll never know unless you join!

My name is Benita Davis, and I’m from Be The Match. I’m reaching out to ask you to join us in our life-saving mission, especially in helping more patients find genetically matched blood stem cell donors during this time of quarantine. The patients we serve are some of the most vulnerable individuals during this time. Not only are they dealing with a weakened immune system and trying to avoid COVID-19, they are also still in need of a stem cell transplant. For many, time is running out.

Be The Match, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), manages the world’s largest and most diverse donor registry. We connect patients with blood cancers and other diseases, like sickle cell, with genetically matched donors who are willing to donate life-saving blood stem cells.

Because we are unable to go to our usual drives (colleges, universities, festivals) and add more donors to the registry, we must depend on social media and the help of our volunteers and ambassadors. Be The Match has started a new challenge, Couch2Cure Challenge. The Couch2Cure Challenge is a simple way for anyone with some type of social media platform to help save lives. What student doesn’t have some type of social media?? In fact, your students are the ones that can help make this challenge go viral! They are very creative, especially with Tik Tok.

The challenge is simple. The student takes a picture or a video of themselves on their couch (or anywhere for that matter) and explains why they support Be The Match. They challenge their followers to join the registry, and they name and tag at least 2 specific people and ask them to join the movement with their own video or picture.

A few common questions:

Question: What is the age requirement?

Answer: 18-44 years old to join the registry

Question: How can students help if they aren’t old enough to join the registry?

Answer: By spreading awareness and reaching out to their family and friends to ask them to join The Be The Match Registry and join the challenge.

Question: How does someone join?

Answer: Text HOSA to 61474. A URL will then be sent to the individual to fill out information and a swab kit will be mailed to their home for them to swab the inside of their mouth.

Question:How soon will I know if I am a match?

Answer: You stay on the registry until your 61st birthday. You may never match a patient, or you could match someone within the first couple of months of joining or years from now.

Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: The majority of donations are similar to a blood donation. The needle will be in the vein of your arm, not your bone. The small percentage of donations that are through the

hip are done under general anesthesia.

I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out to me through email; bedavis@giveblood.org or phone: 409-782-2825.


Benita Davis

Community Engagement Representative

Be The Match

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