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CTSO requirements

In the state of Colorado all state approved CTE programs are required to run a CTSO. The CTSO that corresponds to the Health Science CTE cluster is HOSA. This means that every Health Science CTE program must have at least one advisor and a group of students(to include elected officers) pay affiliation to HOSA each year.

Affiliation Dues

As a non profit organization HOSA utilizes dues to pay the cost of normal CTSO operations at the state and national level. This means that dues are subject to change each year based on need. The current affiliation dues for each student and advisor is listed below. Please review the affiliation agreement and complete your chapters affiliation process by the deadlines listed above.

Affiliation dues


  • Please note there is a $2.70 convenience fee that is charged with credit card payments.

  • The Account Statement will be available instantly on your homepage when you finish the application. The statement will be emailed to the advisor on file. Invoices will be generated every two weeks and mailed to the billing address listed in your application.

We understand that some school districts pay invoices on a set schedule and that it is not always possible to get a check issued within the desired timeframe.  We do request that payment be completed within the deadline if at all possible; however if payment has not arrived and you can show proof that it has been requested from your school or district, your students will not be penalized.  Both our office and National HOSA will take a credit card payment with an additional processing fee.

COHOSA chapters that experience complete student turnover at semester may request an affiliation deadline extension with this request form.