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2019-2020 Colorado Competitive Event Updates

Competitive Events

A Local Advisor's Guide


Getting Started

Choosing an Event

Event Guidelines

Which Event is Right for you?

A comprehensive list of all HOSA Events and their guidelines

An interactive quiz to help guide students in choosing an event

Preparing and Studying

Gotta Have it Chart

Master Resource List

A list of everything competitors need to bring for each event

A list of all the books and online resources used for each event

Competitive Event Policies

Event Categories

Event Characteristics PRofile

2019/2020 colorado Updates

2019/2020 National Updates

Members will be able to participate in two events at the State Leadership Conference, and they events must be in two separate categories

This document outlines all events and which categories they are in

Competitive events update, specific to Colorado

Competitive Events updates that apply to all National HOSA Members

A summary chart showing the components of each event

Affiliating your Chapter


Registering for

online Testing


Registering for

State Leadership Conference


SLC Registration Guide


Registering your chapter


Competitive Events Materials 


HOSA Activity Tracking system


The HOSA Activity Tracking System allows students to report service hours and their local advisor to approve the hours. 

  • Barbara James Service Award

  • HOSA Service Project

Events that use HATS:


(formerly stempremier)

Events that use Tallo:

  • Clinical Specialty

  • Community Awareness

  • Health Career Display

  • Health Career Photography

  • Health Education

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • HOSA Happenings 

  • HOSA Pin Design

  • Job Seeking Skills

  • Life Support Skills

Through Tallo, HOSA members will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and internship opportunities, submit their original work for competitive events, and earn badges for recognition and accomplishments. 

  • Medical Innovation

  • MRC Partnership

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Outstanding HOSA Achievement

  • Personal Care

  • Public Health 

  • Public Service Announcement

  • Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking

  • Speaking Skills

Volunteer to be an event manager

Each chapter attending SLC is required to provide at least one Event Manager. 

Volunteer to judge an event

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Looking for another volunteer role?we would love your help!

Contact the COHOSA State Advisor, Bailee Gardunio.



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