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Things to Remember

  1. In Colorado, members can compete in up to two events at the State Leadership Conference. 

  2. For students competing in multiple events, the events must be in separate sections. See the Event Section document.

  3. Each event has different requirements to participate, make sure you check the Event Characteristics Profile to see what your event will involve.

  4. Resources to study for competitive events can be found at the Study Materials link. 

  5. We recommend that students search Quizlet, Study Stack, and other community resources to find study materials for HOSA events. 

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2021-22 Event Topics

Medcal Reading

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Public Health

Good Oral Health = Good Overall Health

Researched Persuasive Writing & Speaking

Vaping? Safe or Sorry?

Prepared Speaking/ Speaking Skills

Shatter Your Expectations

Biomedical Debate

COVID-19 Vaccine Should be Required to Attend School (Grades 9+)

Public Service Announcment

Bone Marrow Donation Saves Lives!