2019-2020 Program of work

Whom do we think about when we think of Hollywood? Innovators, dreamers, trailblazers. Throughout the 2019-2020 year, Colorado HOSA wants to embody these traits and lead the membership Towards Tomorrow.

The COHOSA team has laid out three goals for the organization in order to streamline communication from the state to the local level, focus on leadership development and increase active member engagement.

We have outlined below the COHOSA State Team’s action items that will bring us closer to the completion of our goals. Additionally, we have included steps that local leadership and individual members can take to get COHOSA closer to achieving our goals.

Streamline Communication

State Goal

Develop a COHOSA social media plan and timeline which will include;

  • State Officer Takeovers

  • Local Chapter Spotlight

  • HOSA Week Social Media Contest

  • State Officer Q&A Sessions

Local Leadership Goal

Participate in the HOSA Week Social Media Challenge

Member Goal

Use the hashtag #cohosaspotlight

Increase Active Membership

State Goal

  • Incentivize active participation at the State Leadership Conference.
  • Promote the Pacesetter Award with the goal of having one Pacesetter per chapter
  • Roll out the Member of the Year award to be awarded at the 2020 SLC

Local Leadership Goal

Facilitate at least one chapter bonding activity during the school year

Member Goal

Explore HOSA opportunities outside of competition such as service learning and leadership positions

Focus on Leadership Development

State Goal

Create a local chapter Care Package with resources to guide chapters through their HOSA year, focusing on leadership development.

Local Leadership Goal

Plan at least one leadership development activity a semester

Member Goal

Run for a local or state level leadership role


Colorado HOSA provides opportunities for students who are pursuing careers in the healthcare field. 

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